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Interaction with the insurance company

Payment by an insurance company of insurance compensation for losses to a person who received them as a result of an accident is not always a pleasant and quick business.

Insurance companies very often evade their obligations, delay deadlines, and try to reduce the amount of compensation.

But such a situation is not hopeless and there are different solutions.

1. Direction of a written claim.

You formulate your intentions and state your concerns, so it is clear to the insurance company that you’re not aimed at oral communication and determined to defend your rights. You should first submit all the relative documents to the insurance company before directing a written claim. After that, the insurance company has a certain period allotted for making a decision (whether the case is insured or not) and for the payment.

2.Written complaint to the National Bank of Ukraine.

The National Bank is the main state institution that controls the activities of insurance companies. It can influence the issuance and withdrawal of licenses from insurance companies, and it is the main controller and sets the “rules of the game”. The National Bank control can significantly speed up the solution of your question.

3. Direction of appeal to the Motor Insurance Bureau of Ukraine

Motor Insurance Bureau of Ukraine is an association of insurance companies that monitors the implementation of mandatory types of insurance, in particular, mandatory insurance of civil liability of car owners (CMTPL). In some cases, it is necessary to contact the Motor Insurance Bureau of Ukraine, and not the insurance company to receive a payment. For example, when the insurance company refuses to pay, delays the terms, or reduces the amount of the insurance payment. In this case, you should ask the Motor Insurance Bureau of Ukraine for assistance.

Or you should contact the Motor Insurance Bureau of Ukraine to receive insurance payment as a victim of a road accident if a responsible person doesn’t have CMTPL insurance, but you have. The procedure for receiving the payment is the same as in the insurance company.

4. Appeal to the court.

It is the longest and most complex process. The issue may be resolved within several years.

But the court decision you received with a clearly defined amount of compensation for damages makes it possible to enforce recovery and is mandatory for everyone.

Moreover, in case the claim is satisfied, the court costs for filing the claim and individual petitions are reimbursed to you by the defendant, the Insurance company separately from the execution of the court decision.

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