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Recognition of the right of ownership of inherited property in court

The inheritance process contains several stages and is clearly regulated by the Civil Code of Ukraine and the Procedure for performing notarial actions by notaries of Ukraine. However, inheritance does not always occur according to the mechanism provided for by the current legislation.

Sometimes, in order to obtain ownership of inherited property, it is necessary to apply to the court.

Recognition of the right of inherited property ownership in court is necessary when there are obstacles to registration of inheritance rights with a notary.

The reasons for applying to the court to recognize the right of inherited property ownership are:

  • Refusal of a notary to issue a certificate of inheritance due to the absence of the original document.
  • Improper registration of the ownership right to the inherited property;
  • Dispute between the heirs about the division of property

As a result, the heir will receive a court decision, on the basis of which he will register the ownership of the inherited property by contacting a notary or a state registrar.

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