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Determination of the child’s place of residence

In many divorce cases the parents must determine where the children will live. This process is quite complicated both from a legal and psychological point of view. And first, it is necessary to take into account the interests of children.

There is no universal instruction for determining the child’s place of residence. Each case is individual, and therefore requires a study of all the circumstances in a complex.

Involvement of a lawyer in the case gives the parties the opportunity to transfer the resolution of the issue from the emotional to the legal field. This usually means a better result, especially for the child.

ADVA lawyers will help you understand the legal requirements regarding the choice of a child’s place of residence. They will consult about the circumstances that the court should consider when making a decision in such a case (gender, age of the child, place of residence of both parents, social and living conditions of residence, psychological climate, the proximity of educational institutions, etc.). They will also prepare a draft statement of claim and provide explanations regarding the documents and sending them to the court.

The support of an experienced lawyer will help you choose the right strategy in court and increase the chances that the child stays with you.

Initial legal consultation (up to 20 minutes)
150 ₴
Legal analysis of the situation and oral consultation
400 ₴
Negotiations in the interests of the client
350 ₴
Legal analysis of the situation and written consultation
300 ₴
Draft of a document
700 ₴
Action plan in the certain situation
1000 ₴
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