Branches of law

Recovery of unpaid wages

One of the most common violations of an employee’s rights is unfortunately unpaid wages.

The employee can recover the unpaid wages in a pre-trial or judicial procedure.

In a pre-trial procedure, an employee to whom there is a salary arrears has the opportunity to apply to the commission on labor disputes at enterprises (if there are any) or to regulatory authorities (the State Service of Ukraine for Labor Issues).

The judicial procedure is provided for in article 221 of the Labor Code: labor disputes, including those concerning the recovery of unpaid wages to an employee, average earnings for the time of delay in payment, compensation in connection with violation of the terms of payment of wages, are considered by city or district courts.

In case of violation of the legislation on the remuneration of labor, the employee has the right to apply to the court with a statement of claim for the recovery of the salary due to him without limitation by any period. Claimants are exempt from paying a court fee (Article 5 of the Court Fees Act of Ukraine).

Copies of documents confirming the fact of a person’s work at the enterprise are attached to the statement of claim, and if the claimant does not have them, such documents may be requested by the court from the defendant — employer.

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