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Creating a condominium association

Do you live in an apartment building and have not yet created your own condominium association with your neighbors?

Any questions: how to better manage your own home, what are the advantages of creating a condominium association, how to implement and register the changes, what documents and to which institutions to provide? We will answer all your questions and do all the work for you!

What is a condominium association? An association of co-owners of apartment buildings is a legal entity created by the owners of apartments and/or non-residential premises of an apartment building to promote the use of their own property and the management, maintenance and use of common property.

In other words, the management of the building, the collection, and distribution of resources and funds, the decision-making is carried out directly by the residents of such an apartment building through direct participation in the association and General Meetings of the co-owners.

What steps do you need to make to create a condominium association?

  1. Organisation of an initiative group.
  2. Preparation for the constitutive meeting.
  3. Holding of the constitutive meeting.
  4. Registration of an association in the state register of legal entities, individual entrepreneurs and public formations.

The registration of a condominium association requires compliance with many requirements of special legislation, faultless preparation of all necessary documents and proper implementation of the state registration of the association.

In such circumstances, a competent lawyer should be involved in the process.

Contact ADVA specialists and get professional legal assistance at every stage of creating a condominium association.

Initial legal consultation (up to 20 minutes)
150 ₴
Legal analysis of the situation and oral consultation
400 ₴
Negotiations in the interests of the client
350 ₴
Legal analysis of the situation and written consultation
300 ₴
Draft of a document
700 ₴
Action plan in the certain situation
1000 ₴
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