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Divorce in an extrajudicial and judicial procedure

According to statistics, Ukraine occupies one of the first places in Europe in terms of the number of divorces. How does this unpleasant process happen?

There are two ways to terminate a marriage:

  • out of court;
  • in court.

In the first case, the marriage is dissolved in the registry office department, if:

  • the spouses have expressed mutual consent to this, and they do not have minor children;
  • one of the spouses filed an application, and the second was declared legally incompetent or missing.

In this case, our lawyers will provide you with general advice. It concerns the choice of the registry office department and the terms necessary for divorce.

In all other cases, the divorce process is carried out in court. Without the help of a lawyer, this is usually a rather complex and lengthy process.

ADVA lawyers will not only give competent advice but also properly prepare the necessary documents a divorce suit and various petitions.

Special attention should be paid to situations when property or child-related issues arise during a divorce. In this case, the presence of a lawyer is the key to a positive solution of the issue.

Initial legal consultation (up to 20 minutes)
150 ₴
Legal analysis of the situation and oral consultation
400 ₴
Negotiations in the interests of the client
350 ₴
Legal analysis of the situation and written consultation
300 ₴
Draft of a document
700 ₴
Action plan in the certain situation
1000 ₴
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