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Deprivation of parental rights

Deprivation of parental rights is one of the most difficult cases, both from an emotional and procedural point of view. This is an extreme measure of influence on the father or mother, and therefore it requires compelling reasons.

Our lawyers are ready to advise you on all aspects of such cases. Judicial practice on this issue has been formed for many years, and a unified approach has already been developed for most situations.

The procedure begins with an appeal to the child protection services. Having received a conclusion about the possibility of deprivation of parental rights, you should file a statement of claim to the court.
In such a statement of claim, the negative influence of the parent on the child should be reasonably proved, so that there would be no other option for observing the rights of the child, except for depriving the person of parental rights.

Consultations and explanations of a lawyer in cases of deprivation of parental rights are necessary at all stages. This significantly increases the chances of a comprehensive and objective consideration of the case, considering the interests of the child.

ADVA lawyers will help you to achieve the deprivation of parental rights of another parent or, conversely, to avoid such a fate.

Initial legal consultation (up to 20 minutes)
150 ₴
Legal analysis of the situation and oral consultation
400 ₴
Negotiations in the interests of the client
350 ₴
Legal analysis of the situation and written consultation
300 ₴
Draft of a document
700 ₴
Action plan in the certain situation
1000 ₴
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