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Division of marital property

In the case of divorce, a significant number of families face such an unpleasant process as the division of property. If husband and wife have signed a marital agreement, this greatly facilitates the situation.

In the absence of such an agreement, there are two possible scenarios: the spouses divide the property voluntarily or forcibly in court.

If the parties can agree out of court, a corresponding contract is concluded between them in notarial form, in which the agreements are clearly spelled out and the property is distributed.
The specified contract is certified by a notary, and, after its conclusion, the property passes from the status of “joint property of the spouses” to the status of “private property”.

Dividing of marital property in court is complicated since none of the spouses is ready for concessions. In this case, a defined strategy and well-prepared documents are the keys to success.

ADVA lawyers know all the details of such cases, and therefore they will easily advise you on the following issues:

  1. How to divide property in a divorce?
  2. What documents are necessary for drawing up a claim for divorce and division of property?
  3. Where to file a claim?
  4. How to divide the property if the spouses have children?
  5. Is it possible to get compensation for the division of property?
  6. What can not be divided in a divorce?

We are ready to deal with any problem, process your situation, offer the best option for you, prepare a reasoned claim or a response to a claim filed against you.

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Legal analysis of the situation and oral consultation
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Negotiations in the interests of the client
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Legal analysis of the situation and written consultation
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Action plan in the certain situation
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