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Assessment of the housing before buying, particularly the assessment of the real estate developer’s documents and activities

Real estate purchase is a very responsible process, therefore it requires a detailed analysis of all aspects.

In order for the long-awaited and pleasant event not to turn into continuous problems for you, we strongly recommend that you contact qualified specialists before buying any housing.

No matter where you buy an apartment, on the secondary market or in a new building, no one can guarantee the reliability of the seller without checking the relevant documentation.

To protect you from the stress of buying a housing and purchase problems, our lawyers provide the following services:

  • legal assessment of the real estate object;
  • assessment and detailed analysis of the real estate seller’s documents;
  • detailed analysis of the seller’s acquisition of real estate ownership;
  • assessment of the contract and, if necessary, the amendments to it;
  • checking for any judicial disputes and enforcement proceedings against the seller.

If you’re buying a housing in a new building, the process is more complicated. But our lawyers will also help with this. To check the reliability of the developer, ADVA lawyers take the following measures:

  • assessment of the developer’s legal entity (how long the company has existed, possible liquidation, etc.);
  • checking for legal disputes involving the company;
  • checking the land plot for construction;
  • analysis of permissive construction and technical documentation;
  • analysis of the investment agreement, purchase of property rights, etc., if necessary, amendments to it.

You can order professional legal analysis of both secondary real estate, and housing in a new building. When concluding such an important transaction, the client must know all the potential risks and make decisions with complete information. ADVA lawyers will provide all the necessary data and legal advice in order for the client to purchase a reliable housing.

Initial legal consultation (up to 20 minutes)
150 ₴
Legal analysis of the situation and oral consultation
400 ₴
Negotiations in the interests of the client
350 ₴
Legal analysis of the situation and written consultation
300 ₴
Draft of a document
700 ₴
Action plan in the certain situation
1000 ₴
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