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Receiving a contributory retirement pension

The pension reform has significantly changed the life of Ukrainians and has also increased the number of cases of violations of citizens’ rights in the process of assigning and paying pensions. According to the Mandatory State Pension Insurance Act, in order to retire in 2021 after men and women reach the age of 60, they must have at least 28 years of insurance job seniority. With each subsequent year, the insurance job seniority that entitles you to a retirement pension will gradually increase and in 2028 the required insurance job seniority will be 35 years.

If a person does not have the necessary insurance job seniority at the time of reaching the specified retirement age, he will be able to retire later, after reaching the age of 63 or 65. If a person continues to work officially and enters the necessary insurance job seniority, then a pension can be assigned immediately after its acquisition.

If there is no necessary insurance job seniority to assign a retirement pension after the person reaches the age of 60 and 63, it is possible to get a pension after reaching the age of 65. At least 15 years of insurance job seniority is required to obtain the retirement pension.

The duration of the insurance job seniority that entitles you to a pension is determined on the date of reaching the retirement age.
If your insurance job seniority is less than 15 years, you will receive social assistance upon reaching the age of 65 in accordance with the total family income.
A pension for years of service is assigned if the person has work experience in certain jobs or positions of at least 25 years (for example, teachers, doctors, etc.).

Such reforms have become a source of disputes with the Pension Fund authorities, so we advise you to seek legal assistance in advance.

ADVA lawyers will analyze your documents (employment record, certificates of seniority and salary), provide legal advice, prepare applications, complaints, statements of claim, and provide other legal support for the protection and restoration of your rights.

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