Branches of law

Features and rules of the judicial process

According to the norms of the Civil Procedure Code of Ukraine, civil proceedings are carried out as writ proceedings, action proceedings, and separate proceedings.

Writ proceedings are provided for categories of cases, the requirements for which are virtually indisputable and are directly provided for by law (for example, the collection of alimony in the minimum guaranteed amount or the collection of arrears for housing and communal services payments).

Such proceedings are carried out in a simplified manner and based on the application of the claimant and the evidence provided, without a court session and notification of the applicant and the debtor. The term for the issuance of a court order is 5 days.
Action proceedings are the main type of judicial proceedings in civil cases, provides for the existence of a dispute between the Claimant and the Defendant, is much more complex, provides for several stages (preparatory proceedings and consideration of the case), as well as appeal and cassation review of the decision.

The action proceeding provides for clearly defined requirements for documents submitted by the parties, the timing of certain procedural actions, ensuring the participation of the parties in the judicial review of the case, the possibility of requesting evidence, expert examinations, and so on.

Separate proceedings are a type of non-contentious civil proceedings. Civil cases are considered to confirm the presence or absence of legal facts that are important for protecting the rights and interests of a person or creating conditions for the commission of personal non-property or property rights by him or confirming the presence or absence of indisputable rights.

Cases of separate proceedings are considered by the court in compliance with the general rules established by the Civil Procedure Code of Ukraine, except for provisions regarding the adversarial system and boundaries of judicial review.

The court considers cases of separate proceedings with the participation of the applicant and interested persons.

Participation in any judicial process requires the legal assistance of a lawyer since his experience and skills will make it possible to comply with all the mandatory requirements for the process, properly protect the rights of the party and promptly obtain the result of the case.

ADVA lawyers are ready to provide legal consulting, explain the circumstances of the trial, prepare drafts of all necessary documents that need to be attached to the case materials and support you during the trial.

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Negotiations in the interests of the client
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