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Permission for the child to travel abroad

After the divorce or the termination of actual family relations, parents who have children together may have a dispute regarding the departure of one of them together with the child abroad.

The main and simplest option, in this case, is a notarized consent of the second parent. The consent specifies the period for which it is given (usually from 6 to 12 months) and the states to which the departure is planned, as well as the purpose of departure.

There are some cases when one of the parents with whom the child lives can take the child abroad without the consent of the second parent.
The determining factors are:

  • a document determining with whom of the parents the child lives (a decision of the child protection services or a court decision);
  • compulsory enforcement of a court decision on visiting a child and on removing obstacles to visiting is not applied;
  • the duration of the trip does not exceed one month;
  • the purpose of the trip: treatment, study, participation competitions, festivals, scientific exhibitions, academic competitions, improvement and recreation of the child abroad, including as part of an organized group of children, etc.;
  • • informing the second parent, who does not dodge responsibilities and properly performs parental duties (if the place of residence is known), by sending him a letter about the temporary departure of the child abroad, indicating the purpose of the trip, the destination, and the corresponding time period of staying abroad.

Also, an independent decision to leave with a child can be made by one of the parents if there is a debt for the alimony payments, the total amount of which exceeds the amount of the corresponding payments for 4 months, confirmed by a certificate of the state executive service or a private contractor.

In the absence of all the conditions defined above, you can file a claim to the court and get a corresponding decision.

ADVA lawyers will help you with the preparation of the necessary documents for obtaining the consent of one of the parents to travel abroad with the child, with obtaining a certificate of the arrears in the alimony payments, as well as, if necessary, with the preparation of a statement of claim and obtaining a court decision.

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