Branches of law

Unemployment benefits, compensation for damage in the event of an industrial injury, payments from social insurance funds

According to the provisions of Ukrainian legislation, the state provides working citizens with social guarantees in case of unemployment or injury at work.

To provide employees with such guarantees, the employer is obliged to pay insurance for employees.
If you have lost your job, you should receive unemployment benefits from the Employment Center.

You should submit the necessary documents to the specified institution, and, within the time limits specified by law, you will receive unemployment benefits.

ADVA specialists will review your situation, explain what documents you need to collect and where to apply for them, and also tell you what amount of assistance you are entitled to receive.

In case of injuries at the workplace, the legislation also provides for guarantees.

The payments for the medical care, medical, professional, and social rehabilitation, as well as insurance payments can be assigned based on the act of investigation (special investigation) of an accident or occupational disease (poisoning) in the prescribed form, drawn up by the relevant commission.

The employee has the right to receive the following payments for the industrial injury:

1) temporary disability allowance (payments for the first five days of temporary disability of the victim are carried out at the expense of the employer);

2) one-off allowance in case of permanent loss of professional working capacity or death of the victim (appointed when the medical and social expert commission establishes permanent loss of professional ability to work);

3) monthly insurance payment of the lost earnings of the victim (appointed when the medical and social expert commission establishes a permanent loss of professional ability to work);

4) insurance payment to the victim in the amount of his average monthly earnings when temporarily transferring him to an easier, lower-paid job;

5) monthly insurance payment to persons entitled to it in the event of the death of the victim;

6) reimbursement of the cost of the victim’s burial and related funeral services.

ADVA lawyers will explain to you what rights you have in each specific case, what is the procedure for obtaining benefits, as well as what documents, in addition to the act of investigation, you should collect to protect your rights.

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