Social welfare

Receiving a disability pension

Disability pension is assigned if a person has completely or partially lost his ability to work (has a serious or chronic illness, has been injured). To determine the disability group (one of three), the terms and other circumstances, a medical and social examination is appointed in accordance with the legislation. This examination determines the degree … Read more

Receiving a contributory retirement pension

The pension reform has significantly changed the life of Ukrainians and has also increased the number of cases of violations of citizens’ rights in the process of assigning and paying pensions. According to the Mandatory State Pension Insurance Act, in order to retire in 2021 after men and women reach the age of 60, they … Read more

Receiving a survivors’ pension

Disabled family members (minor children, disabled men or women, elderly parents) have the right to receive a survivors’ pension. To receive such a payment, you should take into account the following: — the insured breadwinner has died, is recognized as missing or is declared dead; — his death is not related to an industrial accident … Read more

Receiving a benefit in connection with the birth of a child

The birth benefit is provided to one of the parents or a guardian who permanently resides with the child. To receive the benefit, you have to contact the social protection of the population department at the place of residence of one of the parents (guardian) with whom the child permanently lives, or at the place … Read more

Unemployment benefits, compensation for damage in the event of an industrial injury, payments from social insurance funds

According to the provisions of Ukrainian legislation, the state provides working citizens with social guarantees in case of unemployment or injury at work. To provide employees with such guarantees, the employer is obliged to pay insurance for employees. If you have lost your job, you should receive unemployment benefits from the Employment Center. You should … Read more