Procedural law

Formation of the respondent’s position and response to the statement of claim

There are situations when you are not the initiator of the trial, but the accused. When the statement of claim is filed against you, you are a Defendant in the case with all the rights and obligations provided for it. One of the basic rights of the Defendant provided for by the Civil Procedure Code … Read more

Preparation and submission of a statement of claim to the court

Preparation and submission of a statement of claim to the court is a complex process that requires processing a significant amount of information, evidence, forming a legal position, and preparing a thorough draft of the claim. Considering the clear and exhaustive requirements of the Civil Code of Ukraine regarding the structure of the statement of … Read more

Features and rules of the judicial process

According to the norms of the Civil Procedure Code of Ukraine, civil proceedings are carried out as writ proceedings, action proceedings, and separate proceedings. Writ proceedings are provided for categories of cases, the requirements for which are virtually indisputable and are directly provided for by law (for example, the collection of alimony in the minimum … Read more

Appeal of court decisions and rulings in appeal and cassation

The main confirmation of the right to judicial review is the possibility of appealing and reviewing a court decision. For the parties, appealing a court decision guarantees the opportunity to defend their position and try to achieve the cancellation of a court decision that contradicts their interests by means established by law. Appeal. Regional Courts … Read more

Enforcement proceedings

Every court decision is binding, and therefore there should be guarantees and measures that would always make it possible to execute it. This is exactly what enforcement proceedings are. What is an enforcement proceeding? Enforcement proceedings are the final stage of judicial proceedings. In Ukraine, a court decision can be executed both voluntarily and forcibly. … Read more