Inheritance law

Last will and cases of its appeal

A will is a personal order of an individual in case of his death. A will can be made at any age. But only if the person has full civil legal capacity. According to the Civil Code of Ukraine, the will (if there is any any) primarily determines the heirs, if there is no will, … Read more

Restoration of the inheritance acceptance period

According to Article 1270 of the Civil Code of Ukraine, there is a 6-month period to accept the inheritance and it begins from the date of opening the inheritance. During this period, all interested persons must submit their claims and relevant documents to the notary to receive the inheritance or refuse it. At the end … Read more

Determination of the share of inheritance in the hereditary mass

The legislation of Ukraine gives a citizen the right to independently appoint heirs by drawing up a will and distribute property at his discretion. Thus, when making a will, the testator can allocate shares in the inheritance to each heir or, for example, leave the inheritance to one heir without involving others. However, even if … Read more

Recognition of the right of ownership of inherited property in court

The inheritance process contains several stages and is clearly regulated by the Civil Code of Ukraine and the Procedure for performing notarial actions by notaries of Ukraine. However, inheritance does not always occur according to the mechanism provided for by the current legislation. Sometimes, in order to obtain ownership of inherited property, it is necessary … Read more

Inheritance taxation

According to the Tax Code of Ukraine, the objects of inheritance are subject to taxation at different rates, depending on the kinship degree of the testator and the heirs. Thus, the objects of inheritance that are inherited by the testator’s family members of the first and second degree (children, spouses, parents; siblings of the testator, … Read more

Receiving an inheritance

According to the provisions of the Civil Code of Ukraine, inheritance occurs in two ways: by will and by law. Inheritance by will is a priority, if the testator has made a will, and its provisions are taken into account first of all, not kinship ties and degrees of kinship. The testator may, without giving … Read more