Legal audit of business activities and documents

Each business faces problems related to the registration of certain constituent, economic, financial, or personnel documents. And we advise you to keep them all in order — this will help make things structured and processes consistent. A correct assessment of economic activity from a legal point of view is an opportunity to identify and correct … Read more

Support of sole proprietor activities — legal outsourcing

You are registered as a business entity, but don’t know how to organize your business legally correctly? Or is there just not enough time? ADVA will help you. Legal outsourcing or support of the activities of a sole proprietor is a comprehensive legal service for all legal issues that may arise during the economic activities. … Read more

Registration and liquidation of sole proprietor

If you have decided to start the entrepreneurial activity by yourself, you can choose one of the options for entrepreneurship — to become a sole proprietor. For an ordinary person, these are incomprehensible words, and the registration procedure raises dozens of questions. ADVA lawyers will not only answer them but also help to register the … Read more

Obtaining permits and licenses for entrepreneurial activities

According to the current legislation of Ukraine, the implementation of many types of economic activities is impossible without the appropriate permits. ДTo get information about whether your business needs licensing, we advise you to consult with ADVA lawyers. If it is necessary to obtain a license, ADVA lawyers will help you in collecting documents and … Read more

Consultations on tax and financial law

What associations do you have when you hear about tax or financial law? Numerous calculations, complex algorithms, and a lot of documents, including the completely incomprehensible Tax Code of Ukraine? This is true because taxes and finance are perhaps the most complex legal branches. But nowadays economic activity is simply impossible without these legal aspects. … Read more