Activities of condominiums and housing cooperatives

Legal analysis and amendments to the documents of the condominium associations

The proper functioning of the condominium associations involves a significant amount of work with documents, as well as interaction with the residents of the house, suppliers, service enterprises, state and municipal authorities. Specialists of ADVA will help you with solving current issues during the interaction of your condominium association with third parties, government agencies, courts, … Read more

Creating a condominium association

Do you live in an apartment building and have not yet created your own condominium association with your neighbors? Any questions: how to better manage your own home, what are the advantages of creating a condominium association, how to implement and register the changes, what documents and to which institutions to provide? We will answer … Read more

Assistance in holding the general meeting of the condominium association members

The effective work of the condominium association requires constant resolution of current issues. According to the current legislation, the solution of many important issues (preparation of the budget, distribution of expenses, use of common facilities, changes in the management structures, conclusion of large transactions) requires the convening and holding of a General Meeting of the … Read more